Avail Knit's Rainbows are handmade with love + care! This rainbow is lightweight, cute, + you can choose to clamp it wherever you like. You can add your car keys to it, you can clasp it on your purse, your favorite bag, or anywhere that you can hook it onto! 


  • Lightweight 

  • Rainbow: 2.5in X 3in | Rainbow Including Keychain 2.5in X 4.75in

  • Material: Organic Cotton, Lead-Free Metal

  • Color: Rainbow// Red, Orange, Seafoam Blue

  • Keychain Attached to Rainbow


  • We are still a small business, which means we are not accepting returns, at this time. However, we do accept and appreciate your honest reviews. We'll be happy to hear from you by email. Thank you :) 

  • USPS: 7-10 business days 

    *Reminder: I handmake all items*